You may have noticed the traditional marketing efforts you’ve used for years are no longer as effective as they once were. There’s a good reason for that slide. Today’s car shoppers start their search online and often finish it there as well. That means your dealership is losing sales opportunities if it isn’t using digital marketing channels to reach customers.

What is Digital Car Dealership Marketing?

Digital car dealership marketing uses methods to reach consumers on their smartphones, tablets and computers. It includes having a website that is easy for customers to find and search for whatever type of vehicle they want to purchase. Creating a social media presence for the dealership on Facebook helps new and existing customers interact with you. Email is another digital form of marketing that is an effective marketing tool when used correctly.

How Does it Work?

Here are the ways to market your dealership through these digital methods:

  • Website
    Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, meaning it looks just as good on a smartphone as it does on a laptop. It should be attractive to look at, have information about how to interact with the dealership, and show photos and information about your stock vehicles. It’s a great place to promote sales. The text on the page should contain keywords that customers commonly use during car-buying search inquiries. In addition, an online review section should be included on the site to highlight the company’s customer service skills.
  • Social Media
    Car buyers love to talk about their experiences on social media, so you want to make sure they can interact with your dealership. To do this, create a Facebook business page and post engaging content to attract followers to it. Post pictures from your inventory to encourage readers to check out your website to learn more about a particular car or SUV. Shoot a short video showcasing all the features of a vehicle and post it to your page. Create a buzz around any sales or promotions you are running. Your followers then share this information with their Facebook friends, which gives your dealership free advertising.
  • Email
    The data sets available today allow you to target your emails to a specific audience. Sending a personalized email to that targeted list gives you a better open rate because you know the recipient is interested in the content.

These digital car dealership marketing methods enable you to reach today’s car buyers. Giving one or all of them a try will increase your marketing results again.