Financing Solutions for Business Acquisitions in Chicago, IL

One of the fastest ways for businesses to expand their operations is through acquisitions. At WCK Financial Lending, we understand the time-sensitive nature of business acquisitions, we well as how delicate and complex they can be. Our team works with businesses of all types in Chicago, IL to provide comprehensive financing for their acquisitions, as well as the deep analysis and guidance necessary to ensure success at every step. WCK Financial Lending provides solutions for business acquisitions in Chicago, IL spanning all industries, including: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation and Freight
  • Electronics
  • Technology
  • Food Processing
  • Insurance
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Legal
  • Research and Development

WCK Financial Lending provides the funding  necessary for businesses to perform acquisitions efficiently while still maintaining their daily operations.

 Successful Acquisitions in Chicago, IL Start with a Comprehensive Analysis

All business acquisitions require a thorough analysis to weigh the overall benefits and profitability. The experts at WCK Financial Lending will perform an in-depth analysis to assess the target business ahead of your acquisitions schedule. A few of the items we look at include:

  • Business Assets: Every business in Chicago, IL uses equipment, and our team will look at the overall value to your operations, we well as the market valuation should you choose to liquidate those assets in the acquisition. We also look at soft assets, such as leadership and teams to see how they might align with your company, as well as the cost to all assets.
  • Property: If the target business has commercial property in its portfolio, we will give a full report on its value, taxes, cost of maintenance, and more to see how it fits in with your plans post-acquisition.
  • Financial Risks: The team at WCK Financial Lending takes a 360-degree view of any financial risks leading up to, during, and post-acquisition. Factors include everything from the balance sheet to brand reputation, and customer base, so we can work to create a sound and efficient strategy.
  • Liabilities and Receivables: WCK Financial Lending will provide a complete analysis on outstanding debts, liabilities, and unpaid receivables so you can assess the current health of the business you are acquiring, and how the finances may impact your operations.
  • Post-Acquisition Profitability: A business acquisition is much more than the sum of its parts, and our team will provide projections that go beyond credit scores and bottom line numbers.

Franchise Acquisitions in Chicago, IL 

One of the most turn-key ways to grow revenue is to acquire an existing franchise business in Chicago, IL. Whether you are looking to purchase your first franchise or expand by adding more franchises to your portfolio, WCK Financial Lending will provide the funding and guidance to help you reach your goals. We have years of experience successfully financing franchise acquisitions throughout the Chicago area.

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