Any marketer working in the 2020s knows that digital is the tool in their arsenal with the most potential. It may even be the most powerful! The inherent challenge it presents is that it’s ever-changing. When a new social media platform or distribution channel emerges, it cannot be dismissed without evaluation. If it appears effective, entire strategies need to be rethought. This can be an overwhelming prospect but keeping a few key points of analysis in mind can help you stay on top of digital’s current state.

Video Remains King

Just as in traditional media, video remains the most powerful digital marketing tool. It’s also possible to place video ads on more websites, apps, and social platforms than ever before. Pre-rolls on video players like YouTube are very effective, especially if kept to shorter lengths (between six and fifteen seconds.) Buying video ads on social is also a strong digital marketing tool, as you can specify incredibly specific demos to deploy them. It’s important to include text or captions, as many (if not most) people view their social feeds on mobile devices.

Retargeting is Highly Effective

Retargeting is a relatively new digital marketing strategy, which involves ads “following” customers across websites and between apps. Retargeting uses cookies to track a user’s shopping and browsing history to a point. If, for example, you are looking at a belt on Target or Amazon’s app, if they are employing retargeting, you may be served an ad for that item on a different app or website days later.

So, why is retargeting effectively? Simply put, it gives an advertiser a second chance to be top of mind. Seeing the ad and thinking about the product again is often just the suggestion a buyer needs to decide to purchase.

Keep an Eye on Search

The best rule of thumb about search and SEO is to check in on what’s new each week. This is perhaps the fastest moving and evolving channel in the digital marketing landscape, and its changes aren’t always beneficial for advertisers. “Zero-click search,” for example, presents an answer to a searched question above ads. This may cause you to pivot your search strategy or divert dollars away from it.

Digital can be intimidating, but the basic tenets of marketing still apply to online advertising strategies. Keep an eye on emerging platforms and changes in search. Utilize videos and retargeting, and you will build a good base for digital success.