Today’s business success is largely determined by reputation, but today’s digital environment provides unique opportunities for companies to build their brands. Therefore, many companies like yours are pursuing reputation management strategies that will increase their revenues and promote customer trust and relationship building. Managing your online reviews is the first and most important step in this process because prospective customers are highly likely to look at your reviews before making a purchase decision.

Encourage Product and Service Reviews

Your customers have opportunities to review your products and services every time they visit your website or purchase a product, whether they purchase directly from you or from a secondary site such as Amazon. Therefore, encourage your clients to leave a review if they are satisfied and contact your company immediately if they are not. Encourage them to include the product’s name and type in the review. However, don’t purchase or seek out fake reviews.

Ask for Website Feedback

Your website is the face of your company online. It should be easy to navigate and adaptable to any platform, including mobile devices. You need to know whether your customers experienced any challenges with your website so they can be quickly addressed. You may also ask for suggestions to make your site easier to navigate or your products more enticing. For example, are your photos clear and do they show all the details of your products or services? Then, address any customer concerns immediately.

Make it Easy for Customers to Provide Feedback

Not only do you need to make it easy for your clients to provide feedback on your products, services and website, but your review application should be customized. For example, you may provide a “review” button at the top of your website. You may also have them choose the product they want to review by clicking on a photo after they get to your feedback page. You can also encourage them to rate your products using stars as well as providing written feedback. However, your clients are more likely to provide a review if the process is easy.

Encourage Detailed Reviews

You get the greatest benefit from clients who provide detailed reviews that include relevant keywords. Your goal should be to gain detailed reviews that discuss your company, product and service. Therefore, provide ample space and encourage your customers to go into detail.

Respond to Reviews

You should also respond to each review. In the case of a positive review, thank the client and encourage future reviews. However, pay particular attention to negative reviews. These need immediate responses and resolutions because they can hurt future sales. Encourage your customers to contact you to resolve any issues, but state that you understand their concerns as well.

Reputation management starts with online reviews. By managing your reviews, you can make great strides to developing a reputation of quality and trustworthiness.