The word “artistry,” as applied to music, photography, painting, selling, or anything else, is defined as “creative skill or ability.” The art of selling then describes the use of skills and creative abilities to result in closing deals. 

Closing Deals—What Does That Mean? 

Closing deals simply means getting to the point of convincing a prospect to accept an offer. It is when a seller and a buyer reach agreement on the conditions of a sale and the buyer completes an official agreement to those conditions. 

The Art of Closing Deals—Key Things to Do 

Follow these tips to achieve or improve the art of closing deals: 

Have confidence that the solutions you offer a prospect will solve their problem, meet their needs, and add value to their enterprise.  

Make sure that what you offer a prospect is aligned with the existing projects or investments of his/her company.  
Determine what compelling internal event within the prospect’s company is driving a potential need for the solutions that you offer. 

Determine who and what level in the company you should sell to. Don’t waste your time going too low—find the decision-makers and influencers. 

Seek to understand how decisions are made in the prospect’s organization. That is, who will be involved, and how the decision-making process works. 

Restate the value of your solution throughout the selling process. That is, what your solution looks like, why they need your solution, and what financial impact it can have on the organization. 

Make every deadline. Show that your follow-through is thorough. 

Be positive and assume the sale will happen. 

Make it easy for the prospect to say “yes” and easy for the prospect to execute the transaction. 

Know that a sale does not end when the signature is applied to the contract. Continue to build a longstanding relationship. 

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