House flipping is not a made-for-TV game. Rather, it is an investment, and it can be rewarding. But it also comes with some risks. 

What is Successful House Flipping 

The objective of house flipping is to buy a property wisely, make repairs and renovations and then sell it as quickly as possible to make a profit. The average net profit for house flipping was $30,000 in March 2022, according to New Silver. That means that some investors made a lot more, and some lost money. 

How to Successfully Flip Houses 

Follow these steps to achieve success in house flipping: 

• Decide what your objectives and capabilities are then develop a business plan to chart your course. Many lenders will generally ask for a business plan before approving funding.  

• Research the market. It is important to know that all neighborhoods don’t have equal house flipping potential. Class B and C neighborhoods, considered to be “middle class” or “working neighborhoods,” are generally the best neighborhoods to focus on.  

• Secure financing before you consider a purchase.  

• Find a house to flip. Start with a project you can complete and as you (and your team) gain experience, you’ll know what your capacity can be. Find properties using real estate agent partners, and look at wholesalers’ lists, auctions, and foreclosures. Make sure to get a good price; never overpay for a property.  

• Develop a partnership with good contractors that will do quality professional work. They’ll help you know what you are getting into with each project.  

• Plan realistic renovations that will make sense and appeal to buyers. Pay attention to curb appeal.  

• Develop a solid budget for the renovation work. Put a buffer in your budget for unexpected costs.  

• Get the renovation work done as quickly as possible.  

• Price carefully to sell so that you generate your desired profit.   

Seek Experienced Funding Assistance 

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