Investments are made in commercial real estate to generate consistent cash flow and profits from rental income. Plus, the value of capital appreciation. But those don’t come without some risks.  

Why is it Important to Manage and Mitigate Risks? 

Investing in commercial real estate typically takes a lot of capital which could be lost if a real estate deal goes south. There is also the opportunity cost of getting into a bad real estate deal instead of making a productive investment. Other risks can likewise bring trouble. Avoiding and mitigating risks simply improves the commercial real estate investment outcome. 

Common Types of Commercial Real Estate Investment Risks and How to Mitigate Them 

Consider these common commercial real estate investment risks and ways to mitigate them: 

• Market risk.

The price and value of commercial real estate are impacted by local (as well as national) factors. Such as interest rates, unemployment, and inflation. So, an investor needs to investigate and understand each investment market and choose each investment carefully. Another means of mitigating market risks is to diversify the commercial real estate investment portfolio.

• Asset risk.

Some types of properties may experience greater economic risks than others, so a way to mitigate this type of risk is to diversify asset class investments.  

• Liquidity risk.

To avoid this type of risk it is important to assess how easily a property could be converted to cash to facilitate other investment options.  

• Credit risk.

Selecting tenants with solid credit means that a property can be fully leased.  

• Debt risk.

Managing the level of debt requires a balance between leverage and making loan payments.  

• Property risks.

Every property will have varying conditions including age, condition, and location, so it is critical to do thorough due diligence on a property before investing.   

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