Multifamily dwellings present an excellent investment opportunity that could provide a nice residual source of income in years to come. Consider the following reasons to grow your portfolio with multifamily investment properties now: 

To Expand Your Portfolio

A multifamily investment property is an excellent addition to your portfolio. This is considered active investing, which means you will need to actively manage and engage with the tenants of your property- unless you hire a management company to do it for you.

To Generate Income

If you want to earn a regular source of income, a multifamily investment property will provide you with one. Some of the revenues from rentals will go into maintaining the property, but hopefully, there will be some that provide you with a regular source of residual rental income.

The Timing

There are times when a great multifamily investment just happens to pop up, and when opportunity knocks, you may want to answer the door. You can’t always predict opportunity, so timing plays a role in when to invest.  

To Curb Living Costs

Perhaps the most common incentive for buyers to invest in multifamily dwellings is the opportunity to live for little-to-nothing, on-site. That is, multifamily investment property provides you with a roof over your head, a potential income from other units in the building, an on-site pair of eyes, and the chance to put money away toward another property, home, or investment. This is a win-win situation for investors! If you want a place to live while also collecting rent from other tenants, a multifamily dwelling like a duplex or apartment building could be the answer.

Want to learn more about investing in multifamily dwellings? Talk to the money management experts at WCK Financial. When contemplating a multifamily investment property, an alternative lender could be key. Learn more about generating a regular source of income from a multifamily investment property!